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Бумага экг / Подгузники для взрослых, памперсы для взрослых, Термобумага для экг, гели для узи, медицинские расходные материалы. Торговый дом "Аммон"

We are looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Our company has been selling medical supplies from the world's leading manufactures in the Russian market for more than 3 years. If you are interested in offering your products, we would be glad to cooperate with you.  


Arrangement of our clients

Chart paper for industrial measuring devices
Chart paper for medical measuring devices (cardiograph)
Gel for ultrasonic research
Electrodes for cardiographs
Cables for patients
Reusable electrodes for cardiographs

We are
looking for new suppliers of the
 following products:

1) Medical disposable non-woven materials and shoe covers.

2) Various products for patients with incontinence

You can offer your products by contacting our managers by phones:

(812) 335-97-78, (812) 335-97-79 or

60 Angliysky Pr., 190121 St.Petersburg, RUSSIA.